Machined Aluminum Nintendo Switch Lite Shells


Only 16 Silver Shells Are Available In This Small Production Run!

  • Premium machined aluminum metal shell for your Nintendo Switch Lite.
  • Comes in 2 awesome colors:  Anodized silver or anodized black.
  • These are a direct replacement to the original plastic Switch Lite shells.
  • Beautiful anodized finish.
  • IMPORTANT:  Please read installation Notes/Warning before ordering.  This mod is not for beginners and requires experience with disassembling the Switch Lite.

Complete set of machined aluminum housing shells for the Nintendo Switch Lite.  This includes the front and rear housings as well as all the necessary machine screws.  These are designed to fit all the original electronics of the Nintendo Switch Lite.  The electronics are NOT include.

    • Enhance the look and feel of your Switch Lite with these precision machined aluminum shells.
    • These are direct replacement shells for your Switch Lite
    • Designed to maintain WIFI or Bluetooth signals.  You may notice a small reduction in signal strength.  See video for wireless signal test.
    • These are made in small batches one at a time using a high-precision five-axis machine tool can be processed
    • Drop-in a electronics
    • Use of the included machine screws is required (You will NOT re-use the original Nintendo Switch Lite screws)
    • You will also need to re-use the original buttons (D-pad, ABXY, R, L, ZR, ZL +, -, Home, Screenshot) and analogue sticks

This video serves as an Installation Guide as well as an overview of its Features:

Bob over at WULFF DEN did a fantastic review of these shells:

Installation Notes/Warning:

Please note that the screws are very small and need the utmost care when assembling the console.  When fastening the screws you need to do so very careful to make sure to not cross-thread or strip screws.  Never use force when tightening these screws or you run the risk of stripping, breaking or ruining the shell.

Because these parts are made in such low volume, there are no spare parts, nor do we carry spare parts for purchase.

This is a difficult mod.  This should not be attempted by by persons without experience disassembling the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Be sure to follow all the steps and study the disassembly and reassembly before attempting this mode.  There are a ton of great resources online.  Additionally you can follow the video tutorial I made on my YouTube channel from reference.  You may also want to consider having an experienced modder complete this shell swap for you if you do not think you can complete it successfully.

Macho Nacho cannot be held responsible for damaged shells caused by improper installation.

Again, please note that this shell is not a mass produced product.  These are made one by one is a specialized machine shop.  The anodized finish may have very small or minor imperfections and the colors may also look different based on a variety of factors such as the monitor you are viewing this listing on, the lighting etc.

Please be sure to check out our refund policy for cancelled and returned orders.  Mods that have been attempted to be installed are ineligible for a refund.  Refunds are only applicable to unopened/unused products.


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in

Silver, Black


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