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18 July, 2024
PS2 HDMI mod

This Easy PS2 HDMI Mod Won’t Break the Bank

It’s true what they say about retro game consoles – they don’t make them like they used to. Sometimes, that’s for good reason, as video output technology has rapidly changed over the past few decades. While modern consoles are all outfitted with the latest HDMI tech, many retro platforms are left with out-of-date composite video cables. Although there are several after-market solutions for this issue, HDMI mods are often costly or hard to install, forcing players to use entirely different televisions for their retro gaming sessions. Luckily, there’s a new HDMI mod that looks to simplify this process, making it easy to hook up your sixth-generation consoles to modern displays while keeping everything at a reasonable price. Let’s take a closer look at the ElectronAnalog, which might just be the best budget mod for updating your retro console to HDMI.

The ElectronAnalog PS2 HDMI Mod Breakdown

At a list price of $19 (without shipping), the ElectronAnalog is an HDMI mod that looks to get the job done, plain and simple. When compared to some of the higher-end solutions, like the PixelFX RetroGEM, the video quality will still be clean, but it’s not a pure digital-to-digital mod. Instead, the ElectronAnalog utilizes the console’s onboard DAC chip to pull an analog video signal, then converts it back to digital. In short, this means that you won’t get much in the way of fancy filters or excessive video options, but you should get a functional HDMI port with less effort and expenditure.

As you might expect, the ElectronAnalog kit doesn’t contain much, as it’s basically just the board and nothing else. The custom board is outfitted with a full-sized HDMI port, as well as two jumpers that allow you to select between component or VGA signals. So, while I chose to install this mod on my custom Ultra Slim PS2, you can use it on any model of PlayStation 2, as well as an original Xbox or Dreamcast. This versatility and cross-platform use makes the ElectronAnalog even more attractive at its low price point, especially if you own multiple systems.

ElectronAnalog PS2 HDMI

How to Install the ElectronAnalog

Installing the ElectronAnalog is arguably easier than other HDMI mods, but it’s still a project that requires some soldering, so be prepared for precision. As always, I’ll discuss a basic overview of the process here, but if you’re planning on performing the mod, please refer to my step by step video tutorial for more detailed instructions.

Although I used my custom Ultra Slim PS2 console for this installation, the overall process is the same for almost any platform. To start, you’ll need to break down your console and isolate the motherboard. After that’s done, locate the pads for the video output on the board, as you’ll need to solder and wire a few of these. You can use this graphic as a guide for the pin layout if you’re performing the mod on a PlayStation 2. The hardest part of the mod will be figuring out where to mount the HDMI board, as you’ll need the proper amount of space and will likely need to carve a hole in the console shell to create the opening for the port. Since I’m using the updated Ultra Slim PS2 shell created by Wesk, there’s already a space created for it. If you’re not using this shell, plan ahead accordingly.

PS2 hdmi mod
ElectronAnalog PS2

Once you’ve managed your wires and soldered them to the mounted HDMI board, make sure you have the jumpers either soldered or left open so that you’re pulling the respective video and audio signals. With that finished, you’re clear to button up the console, plug it into your chosen display with an HDMI cable, and test it out!

My Final Thoughts on the ElectronAnalog

Overall, the ElectronAnalog is an impressive product for its price that does exactly what it sets out to do. By installing this mod, you’ll be able to connect your console of choice directly to a modern television or monitor without the use of external devices or cable adapters. The ElectronAnalog boasts a very low latency and solid video, making it a great choice for modders who don’t want to dig into their pockets for high-cost HDMI kits with extra features.

easy PS2 HDMI mod
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There are a couple of downsides to this kit, namely the lack of a deinterlacer, which can make some of the PS2’s visuals a bit awkward. However, this is remedied if the game has a progressive scan mode, and the negative effects will vary depending on your display. It also bears repeating that this mod might require some shell modification, as mounting the kit might be difficult with some systems. Generally speaking, the ElectronAnalog should satisfy those who just want to hook up their console with an HDMI cable, but don’t want the headache of an extremely complicated install. If you’re still using component or VGA cables to play your PlayStation 2, you might want to consider picking up an ElectronAnalog for your next mod project.


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