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18 July, 2024
Bluetooth GameCube mod

This BlueRetro GameCube Mod Unlocks Bluetooth Possibilities

When the Nintendo GameCube was released in 2001, there was plenty of love for the library of impressive games and equal praise was directed at the unique yet comfortable controller. While there were plenty of third-party controllers to purchase, the options for wireless play were few and far between. Unless you shelled out for a WaveBird wireless controller, playing the GameCube was a mostly corded affair. Luckily, thanks to a stealthy new mod, the proverbial Pandora’s box of wireless GameCube controllers has now been opened.

The BlueRetro GameCube mod was co-developed by DarthCloud64, the creator of open-source software BlueRetro, and Laser Bear Industries. This excellent, simple-to-install mod makes it possible to use any Bluetooth controller you want on your Nintendo GameCube, while also offering some impressive bonus features. Do you want to play Super Mario Sunshine on original hardware with a PlayStation 5 controller? With the BlueRetro GameCube mod, that and so much more is possible. Let’s take a look at this upcoming mod and see what the installation process is like and what other cool features it adds to your GameCube!

"With the BlueRetro GameCube mod installed, you can now pair almost any Bluetooth controller to your GameCube, providing unlimited accessibility and controller customization."

How to Install the GameCube BlueRetro Kit

First and foremost, the BlueRetro Gamecube kit is remarkably easy to install, making it a perfect project for beginner modders or those who lack precise soldering skills. To get started, all you’ll need is a Nintendo GameCube system, the GameCube BlueRetro Internal Adapter kit from Laser Bear, and an adequate screwdriver to open up your console. While the installation process is relatively simple, I still suggest checking out the video tutorial on my YouTube channel if you plan on installing this mod yourself.

To get started on this installation, remove the top shell of the GameCube console by removing the four screws on the bottom of the system that holds it in place. With the top shell removed, tilt the controller panel forward and detach the ribbon cable to remove the assembly from the system. You’ll need to separate the controller PCB from the controller panel by removing two screws, but do so with caution, as the plastic clamps of the panel have a habit of snapping even with minimal pressure applied. Place the antenna for the BlueRetro mod inside the controller panel between and below the player 2 and player 3 port openings, then you can attach the new BlueRetro board and screw it into place, reattaching the antenna at the same time.

BlueRetro GameCube mod
BlueRetro bluetooth mod
GameCube bluetooth mod

Before you reassemble the system, you’ll need to adjust some wires on the console to power the BlueRetro board. Unplug the red and black cable from the power switch PCB near the back of the console, then attach the new controller board and panel to the system, making sure to reconnect the ribbon cable. For the final step, plug the black power cable from the BlueRetro board into the power switch PCB, then attach the red and black cable to the BlueRetro board. Before you’re finished, make sure that all cables and wires are neatly tucked away to prevent any obstructions during reassembly. Installation is now complete and you’re free to place the top shell back on the system and secure it back into place.

The Pros and Cons of the Laser Bear BlueRetro GameCube Mod

With the BlueRetro GameCube mod installed, you can now pair almost any Bluetooth controller to your GameCube, providing unlimited accessibility and controller customization. For directions on how to pair specific controllers to the system, check out the BlueRetro GitHub page for detailed instructions. That said, the process is normally pretty intuitive, as the BlueRetro will seek out open Bluetooth gaming controllers and automatically pair with them, provided the controllers aren’t already paired to another device. You can manage the device configuration and controller mapping via, and the device software can be updated over Bluetooth, so you won’t need to open up your console for minor patches.

OTA software
Gamecube with controllers

Overall, the BlueRetro GameCube kit is an outstanding mod that excels in every category. It’s easy to install and completely reversible, offers some stellar quality-of-life features, and produces no noticeable controller latency. Plus, when compared to buying multiple WaveBird controllers online, it’s a relatively cheaper option for wireless GameCube play. I’m thoroughly impressed by this fantastic BlueRetro kit from Laser Bear Industries and highly recommend it if you’re looking for a fun and functional way to enhance your GameCube.


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