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15 June, 2024
ultimate Wii U

The Ultimate Wii U

Like the Family Edition Wii the Wii U was missing an in-built Gamecube controller board, but with
some hardware and software modding why can’t the ultimate Nintendo console exist?

Wii U front
Wii U mod board

Orlando had this very thought when he created this mod. With the removal of the disc drive it made
room for the Gamecube ports and an internal SSD, plus to increase the portability he implemented

What started it all was the disc drive failing allowing him to try again at an old mod.
“I actually tried years before that to put them on the side [of the shell] on another Wii U console but
gave up because there was no space because of the shell’s structural supports,” he said.

Orlando’s previous experience wasn’t specifically with consoles either, only software mods and
modular repairs.

“I also fixed electronics and phones for a living for a while,” he said.

Wii U mod board
Wii U mod board

The Gamecube ports are an OEM external usb to gamecube ports adapter soldered internally, with
cut outs where the disc tray once was.

Unlike the images above, you can manage to connect the adapter with a total of five connections as
Orlando later found. Four for one port, and one for the other.

“You see, the adapter uses two usb ports one for data + power and the other just for extra power for
the rumble.”

Orlando explained that one port is soldered to 5v, data+, data- and gnd with the second port to
another 5v line somewhere while using the same ground.

Controller board

This part of the mod however is a charming level of jank. The supports for the controller board are a
large amount of hot glue.

“About two sticks of that stuff lol. It’s surprisingly sturdy tho.”

And the cosmetics of the Gamecube cut outs were a result of not having the right tools.

“The GameCube ports cutouts are horrible, I did not put any effort into that whatsoever, I did them
manually with a rotary tool, I should’ve used a step bit but I couldn’t find mine back then.”

Ultimate Wii U
Ultimate Wii U mod

The motivator behind all these mods is “simplification of the portability”.

“I wanted to just grab the console and a small pd usb-c power brick and play at friend’s houses
smash or mario kart without carrying three hundred wires with me,” he said.

“My favourite mod is the usb-c one tbh. Really clean and functional.”
It’s also the only mod he followed a guide for.

“I saw a video to figure out what different types of PD standards are with USB C and the types of
sinkboards available,” he said.

If Orlando were to do this mod again, he would do a few things differently. Perhaps something to
consider for anyone interested in making their own version of this Gamecube Wii U.

“Not being in a rush. Looking for the step bit or purchasing one. Using velcro, double sided tape and
better holding methods instead of hot glue.”


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