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15 June, 2024
PSP Raspberry Pi

The PSP Gets a Massive Upgrade with Raspberry Pi

For a long time, the PlayStation Portable has been one of my favorite handheld game consoles. When the PSP was released way back in 2004, it grabbed gamers’ attention with its upgraded graphics, impressive first-party library, and multimedia functionality. Now, nearly 20 years after its release, it’s been somewhat brushed under the rug when compared to some of its peers. Today, I’ll be installing a PSP mod that completely upgrades the system, providing new functionality, a better screen, and much more. Let’s see just how much better a PSP can become when combined with the power of a Raspberry Pi!

The PSP Gets a Massive Upgrade with Raspberry Pi

The mod I’ll be showcasing today is the PSPi 6, created by a talented modder named Adam (aka “othermod”). Adam developed the PSPi 6 completely on his own, single-handedly tackling all of the coding and crafting required to get the job done. The PSPi 6 kit comes with several things you’ll need for installation, including the PSPi 6 main board, a custom headphone board, a Raspberry Pi compute module interface board, and a thermal board to help disperse the heat.

The kit also comes with a wonderful IPS screen, featuring a quicker response rate, along with better colors, brightness levels, and resolution. To power everything, a 2,000mAh lithium-ion battery is also included. Of course, you’ll also need a Raspberry Pi to complete the mod, and the PSPi 6 supports both Raspberry Pi CM4 and the Raspberry Pi Zero. Finally, this mod only supports PSP-1000 model consoles, so be sure your donor console matches the correct model series, or this mod simply won’t work.

Raspberry Pi PSP
Raspberry Pi PSP mod
PSP Raspberry Pi mod

How to Install the PSPi 6

In terms of difficulty, installing the PSPi 6 might take a bit of time, but it’s thankfully a pretty simple mod to complete. This mod does not require any soldering knowledge or shell-cutting, making it a completely reversible mod. This means that any confident gamer can tackle the PSPi 6 installation without too much worry, and mistakes can be easily walked back. While I’ll explain the most basic installation steps here, be sure to check out my PSPi 6 installation video tutorial on YouTube for more detailed instructions.

First things first, you’ll need to disassemble your PSP almost entirely. This involves a lot of unscrewing and part removal, so be sure to keep your workspace clean and organized so as to not lose any important bits. Once you have removed everything, you can begin installing your components one by one, starting with the headphone board and moving on to the main board. With those boards installed, you can reattach the middle frame and connect your new IPS screen.

Raspberry Pi PSP Upgrade
Pi PSP upgrade mod
PSP mod

LFrom there, reattach the front face and move to the back of the console to install the Raspberry Pi, which should be mounted on the compute module interface board. Be sure to properly apply the thermal pad before connecting the lithium battery and putting everything back in place. Now, all that’s left to do is connect your PSP to your PC and burn the custom software to your Raspberry Pi (instructions can be found at Adam’s GitHub). With that finished, the installation is now complete!

The Pros, Cons, and Features of the PSPi 6

The Raspberry Pi has tons of features that improve your PSP, and I highly recommend you make full use of them. Additionally, the PSPi 6 has a few other neat functions, including a toggle that allows you to switch between performance and low-power mode. Otherwise, most of the buttons behave as you’d expect, allowing you to adjust screen brightness, volume, and more. Adam has plans for several other features to come in the future, including support for other operating systems and emulation frontends.

Raspberry Pi Sony PSP mod
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Overall, the PSPi 6 is a fantastic mod that is perfect for upgrading your stylish PSP into something special. Not only is the mod easy to perform, but it’s also entirely reversible, so you can always switch back to your stock console if you desire. Additionally, the mod has been made open source, so updates will surely be developed by the most dedicated community members. In short, if you’ve got a spare PSP-1000 on hand and you want to create a handheld that’s worth carrying around, consider whipping up your very own PSPi 6!


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