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18 July, 2024
MemCard Pro 2

The MemCard Pro 2 Makes PS2 Storage Simple and Stylish

The PlayStation 2 is a staple of gaming home console history, revered for its utility, power, and forward-thinking design. It also helps that the PS2 has an expansive library of fantastic games, including immersive RPGs, exciting action adventures, terrifying survival horror, and so much more. Sorting through your saves for those hundreds of amazing games can be a hassle, but thanks to another fantastic accessory from 8BitMods, managing storage on the PlayStation 2 has never been better.

Today, I’m delivering my honest thoughts about the Memcard Pro 2, a product that promises to simplify PlayStation 2 storage while adding in a handful of useful modern amenities. After spending several days with this new PlayStation 2 memory card, I’m confident that 8BitMods has delivered another winner. Let’s take a closer look at everything that the Memcard Pro 2 offers as we examine one of the most exciting new PS2 products of the year!

The MemCard Pro 2 Makes Smart PS2 Storage Simple and Stylish

Following their previous storage solutions, including the original PlayStation MemCard and the MemCard Pro GC, 8BitMods have refined their focus for the MemCard Pro 2. Not only does the MemCard Pro 2 look great and have plenty of features, but it goes a long way in simplifying the PS2 experience, especially in terms of homebrew. To get a closer look at 8BitMod’s latest creation, be sure to check out my MemCard Pro 2 review video, but I’ll be sure to cover the essential bits right here.

The MemCard Pro 2 has plenty of power below its aesthetically pleasing exterior, as it is powered by a dual-core 240 MHz ESP32 S3 processor. Many of the features are visible on its bright OLED display, including Wi-Fi connectivity, VMC name data, and PS1/PS2 toggling. Plus, thanks to the integrated support of homebrew software like OPL, sorting through data and loading dedicated virtual memory cards can be made entirely automatic, further easing the process. Better yet, these features don’t require any tricky modifications, as everything is contained in the MemCard Pro 2 itself.

MemCard Pro 2
Mem Card Pro 2 PS2

MemCard Pro 2 Setup and Installation

Installing and using the MemCard Pro 2 is remarkably easy, thanks to both the thoughtful design from 8BitMods and the included instruction manual. In short, all you need is a spare microSD card, which needs to be freshly formatted. Using your PC, download the latest MemCard Pro 2 firmware and place the files on your microSD card. From there, you can slot the microSD card into the MemCard Pro 2, put it into your PlayStation 2, and it should automatically update once powered on.

To connect the MemCard Pro 2 to your Wi-Fi, you can use the left button near the OLED display to pull up the menu and scroll, then use the right button to enter Wi-Fi setup. Using your PC or smartphone, you can find the MemCard Pro 2’s local network signal, then use the displayed IP address on your device to access the Wi-Fi setup wizard. As I mentioned before, using the MemCard Pro 2 in combination with applications like OPL and Free McBoot is a great way to expedite several features. If you’re interested in those additions, check the setup section of my MemCard Pro 2 video for step-by-step instructions.

MemCard Pro 2 PS2
MemCard 2 PS2

MemCard Pro 2 Features and Final Thoughts

Once you’ve completed the initial setup, most of the features of the MemCard Pro 2 can be accessed via the Web UI, which should be familiar if you’ve used any other MemCard products from 8BitMods. Under the settings menu, you can toggle GameID if you’ve installed OPL, which will automatically create and mount dedicated VMCs when you load each game. You can also adjust the default memory card size, but I recommend sticking to 8MB, as you can toggle through 8 channels per VMC, granting you a surplus of space per title. The MemCard Pro 2 is also stellar in terms of backward and forward compatibility, as it can be used on the original PlayStation, as well as the PlayStation 3 via USB.

MemCard PS2
MemCard PS3

Overall, 8BitMods has created another gem with the MemCard Pro, slotting a third fantastic memory card into their signature lineup. Between its fantastic features, easy setup, and high-quality build, it’s the type of accessory you’ll only need to buy once. If you’re tired of switching between memory cards, dabble in PS2 homebrew, or just need a better storage solution, the MemCard Pro 2 is a must-buy for any PlayStation 2 aficionado.


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