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15 June, 2024
PS2 SSD Fan upgrade

The Easiest PS2 SSD and Fan Mod Create a Silent Console

When we say the PlayStation 2 is the most popular video game system of all time, it’s not hyperbole. Since it was first released in 2000, Sony’s beefy sixth-generation console has surpassed 155 million units sold worldwide, making it the best-selling system ever produced. With the PS2 permeating the retro gaming industry more than any other system before it, a slew of console mods have popped up over the years, but there are few as important as the SSD and fan mods.

"...if you've got an old and busted PlayStation 2 sitting around and you're looking for a fun project, sprucing it up with an SSD and fan mod is an enjoyable and rewarding process."


As many PS2 systems age and their DVD drives fail, rendering them unable to read game discs, all might seem lost. However, by performing these simple and incredibly useful mods on your system, the PS2 can be restored better than before. Today, we’re covering the easiest PS2 SSD and fan mods available in 2022, so you can resurrect your PS2 and give it a hearty boost.

The Easiest PS2 SSD and Fan Mods

If you’re looking to upgrade your storage space or replace your PS2’s DVD drive, there are a few routes you can take, but we recommend using a solid-state drive (SSD) over a traditional hard drive. While an SSD will be a bit noisy, the increased performance is worthwhile, plus we can reduce the noise output with an additional fan mod. To install an SSD mod on your PS2, you won’t need much in the way of hardware modification experience, as you’ll only need a basic electronics screwdriver kit.

To get things started, you’ll need an SSD of your choosing, along with a SATA drive connector for the PS2 expansion bay. We also recommend grabbing a 2.5-inch, 3D printed drive bracket to help secure the SSD to the SATA drive connector. Finally, you will need to format and prepare your SSD by connecting it to a PC, so be sure you have a proper cable to do so.

As we mentioned, you won’t need to be a retro mod wizard to install an SSD or fan mod on your PS2, but you will need to open the system and remove some screws. To begin the process, simply open the system by removing the screws underneath the rubber pads on the underside of your system. Once inside the system, you’ll need to remove more screws to gain access to the expansion bay as well as the fan connector. This is also a great time to clean out your system, as it’s likely accumulated dust and grime over decades of use. From there, it’s a relatively simple process of attaching the SSD and fan mods, with no need for soldering or extensive hardware changes. For a list of links to the parts you’ll need, as well as a step-by-step walkthrough of the process, check out our in-depth PS2 SSD and fan mod tutorial video.

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The Pros and Cons of PS2 SSD Mods


There are many reasons you’d want to modify your PlayStation 2 with an after-market SSD and fan, but it’s important to consider all of the benefits and downsides before going through with the process. On the upside, installing a PS2 SSD mod is incredibly simple when compared to the complexity that comes with other sixth-generation system mods. By using our tutorial video as a walkthrough, you should be able to perform this mod with independence and ease. This makes it a great first project for an aspiring modder, and with minimal room for error, you are free to make a few mistakes without causing irreparable damage.

After you install the SSD, you’ll be able to play your backed up games quicker than ever before, without the need to fetch or clean up a game disc. Additionally, the fan mod renders the system essentially silent, removing the annoying buzzing or hum occasionally seen from older PS2 models. That said, you shouldn’t expect the fan to do an excessive amount of cooling, as the PS2 only outputs approximately 7 volts of power. You shouldn’t experience any overheating issues, but there is still a possibility until a new fan kit is produced.

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With that said, if you’ve got an old and busted PlayStation 2 sitting around and you’re looking for a fun project, sprucing it up with an SSD and fan mod is an enjoyable and rewarding process. Not only will you have instant access to your entire library of games via the SSD, but your system will run smooth and quiet for years to come. We can’t recommend this simple but satisfying mod enough, so dust off that 20-year-old console and get to fixing!

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