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18 July, 2024

Punch-Out is Overdue for a Comeback

When it comes to timeless retro games, the Punch-Out!! series sits near the top of the totem pole. Developed by Nintendo, this casual yet challenging boxing franchise once dominated both arcades and home consoles. However, like so many other great series, Punch-Out!! has been mostly ignored by its creators for the better part of a decade. With 2024 marking the 40th anniversary of the arcade original, it’s clear that Punch-Out!! is in a prime position for a classic underdog comeback story.

Brawls Break Out in Arcade Punch-Out!!

Development for the first Punch-Out!! game started in 1983 and by the time it hit arcade floors in February of 1984, gamers couldn’t get enough of it. Sticking out with originality thanks to its unique two-monitor cabinet, countless quarters were clunked into Nintendo’s new boxing simulator. Showered with praise, Punch-Out!! became the best-performing arcade game in the United States by the end of the year, but the party had just begun for this illustrious franchise.

Punch-Out!! was so well received that Nintendo quickly developed a sequel and released it the same year, simply titled Super Punch-Out!!. Like its predecessor and other arcade games of the time, the sequel was simple but featured new characters, rebalanced gameplay, and leaderboards to make the experience even more invigorating. Although the legacy of arcade Punch-Out!! games ended with Super Punch-Out!!, the impact was enormous, leading to some of the best console games ever made.

punch out screen 1 logo
super punch out screen logo

Punch-Out!! Comes to Consoles

It’s no surprise, given the success of the Nintendo Entertainment System in the late-1980s, that Punch-Out!! got a home console port in 1987. However, it was a bit of a surprise when Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! for the NES overshadowed its arcade counterpart in almost every way. Showcasing a scrappy boxer from the Bronx named Little Mac through a gauntlet of fights, the game was an instant hit.

Besides featuring one of the most iconic boxers ever as its final boss, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! translated the arcade gameplay to consoles masterfully, adding even more personality and charm than before. Endlessly addictive and exceptionally challenging, this NES classic remains an adrenaline-pumping treat even decades after release.

After a 7-year hiatus for the series, Nintendo deemed it time for another sequel, with the release of Super Punch-Out!! for the Super Nintendo in 1994. This time, the major graphical upgrades, refined boxing gameplay, and familiar formula resulted in even more success. Although it doesn’t command as much reverence as its 8-bit forerunner, Super Punch-Out!! carried the franchise through another generation. However, in a trend that has become far too familiar, Punch-Out!! would lay dormant for over a decade after its SNES outing.

Punch out screen 2 logo
Super punch out NES cover logo

A Reboot Shines During the Wii Craze

It wasn’t until 2009, over 15 years after the release of Super Punch-Out!!, that Nintendo finally took another jab at the franchise. Skipping the GameCube generation entirely, the franchise found a new home on the Nintendo Wii in the form of a soft reboot. Punch-Out!! for the Wii was everything a fan of the franchise could want, leading to a glorious return for Little Mac.

Perfectly paired with the Wii’s motion controls, Punch-Out!! thrived on the console, with flashy 3D visuals, two solo campaigns, and even split-screen multiplayer. The game even featured appearances from other popular Nintendo characters like Donkey Kong, peppering in even more nostalgia. Critics and fans agreed that Punch-Out!! for the Wii was a worthy successor, with the title selling over 1 million copies.

Punch out wii screenshot logo
Punch Out Wii cover logo

The Future and 40th Anniversary of Punch-Out!!

Despite the consistent acclaim and positive reception that Punch-Out!! has earned throughout the years, it’s been sitting on the back burner for quite some time. Since 2009, Nintendo has left this beloved boxing series for long past the 10-count, leaving very little hope for a new game. Apart from including Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! in the selection of NES games available on the Nintendo Switch Online service, Punch-Out!! has gotten the short end of the stick for the better part of another decade.

Hopefully, with the 40th anniversary of Punch-Out!! arcade approaching in a year, Nintendo will toss their hat back into the ring. In general, good boxing games are few and far between as of late, so the genre is essentially wide open for Punch-Out!! to return and dominate. Like the Wii, the Switch was seemingly tailor-made for games that involve quick and fast two-handed movement, so it’s a mystery why Nintendo hasn’t capitalized on this iconic franchise yet.

Regardless, 2024 would be a perfect time for Punch-Out!! to rise from the ashes. Until then, we’ll collectively cross our fingers and hope for the best. After nearly 40 years of success, it’d be a haymaker of shame if Nintendo let Punch-Out!! sizzle out. At the very least, we can still indulge in the Punch-Out!! games of the past, celebrating this sleeping behemoth of a boxing series.


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