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28 May, 2024
Project Stellar Xbox

Project Stellar is a Sublime Xbox Modchip

Since the early 2000s, the Xbox has been a stalwart in the gaming industry, providing power, and innovation, all on a reasonable budget. Despite being the “new kid on the block” in 2001, Microsoft excelled while other companies like SEGA waned, selling millions of consoles and gaining a solid reputation. Even as subsequent home console generations have come and gone, the Xbox has stood strong in its original form, commanding a solid hold in the modding community.

Thanks to its hefty hardware, extensive storage, and flexibility as a computing platform, the original Xbox has been a powerhouse in the homebrew, emulation, and overall modding scenes for several decades. However, when compared to some of its contemporaries, the system can be overwhelming to tackle. Thankfully, the new Project Stellar modchip promises to reinvigorate the Xbox aftermarket with a host of features and improvements. Let’s find out if this project truly changes the game by digging a bit deeper!

Project Stellar is a Sublime Xbox Modchip

Project Stellar was created by MakeMhz as the modchip to end all modchips, future-proofed and designed to make any and all Xbox modding projects much easier. Thanks to its beastly RP2040 processor, FPGA with 8MB of RAM, and a slew of I/O, Project Stellar pushes Xbox modding to the limit. Plus, with a dedicated operating system that displays all the information you could need, it’s easier than ever to kit out your Xbox without extensive online research. While this is all excellent on its own, the MakeMhz team promises to continually support the modchip, with planned updates and additional features to come.

Project Stellar Xbox modchip
Project Stellar

Is Project Stellar Easy to Install?

In addition to the Stellar modchip, Project Stellar includes a d0 quick solder flex for 1.1 – 1.5 Xbox revisions, as well as the LPC rebuild quick solder board for the 1.6 revision. It also comes with the necessary pin header needed to connect the Stellar chip to the motherboard and the screws to mount it. With these parts, the Stellar modchip can be installed on any original version of the Xbox with no extra hassle. It’s also worth mentioning that Project Stellar works wonderfully with MakeMhz’s Xbox HD+ HDMI kit, with the ability to connect the mods directly together and control features through StellarOS.

To give you an idea of the installation process, I’ll describe the basic steps here, but be sure to check out my full Project Stellar tutorial video for a more detailed look. Firstly, you’ll need to install the StellarOS on the modchip, which can be simply performed by connecting the device to a computer with internet access.

Once that’s done, you’re free to open up your Xbox and isolate the motherboard for modification. Depending on your revision, you will need to install the LPC rebuild QSB or the d0 flex, then mount the pin header on the motherboard. Once that’s done, simply mount the Stellar chip with the included standoff and screw, remove the protective layer from the OLED, and you’re good to go!

Xbox modchip
Xbox modchip

The Pros, Cons, and Future of Project Stellar

Project Stellar unlocks a boatload of features to take advantage of, mostly through the use of StellarOS. In the operating system, you can check basic system info, adjust the console’s region settings, and much more. Other features allow you to load games from your existing network via RetroNAS, set up extra hard drives, connect wireless controllers, and much more.

Image 6 logo
Xbox modchip Project Stellar

Thanks to the surplus of I/O and the promised updates, this seems to be just the beginning of what Project Stellar can accomplish. As it stands, it’s an incredible Xbox modchip that’s easy to install and even easier to use, with an OS that’s as stellar as its namesake. Although many of the features haven’t been implemented yet, it’s clear that Project Stellar is off to a great start. I’m very excited to see what the future holds for this brave new modchip, and if you’ve got any interest in Xbox modding, Project Stellar is something to keep your eyes on.


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