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18 July, 2024
playstation 5

PlayStation 5 Availability and How to Buy One

Ever since the PlayStation 5 hit store shelves in November of 2020, it’s been one of the best-selling video game consoles of the generation. That might be hard to believe though, as it’s seemingly impossible to find these systems in stores or online. As major blockbuster games continue to release for the system, including Horizon: Forbidden West and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, fans are left wondering why Sony can’t keep the console in stock. Between manufacturer delays and an odd system launch, the PlayStation 5 has had an interesting first two years in the market. That said, we have a few tips on how to get a PlayStation 5 soon!

"However, there is one somewhat surefire way to get a PlayStation 5, but it will also require a bit of waiting and luck."

Why Are PlayStation 5's So Hard to Find?

Firstly, it’s important to note the exact reason that PlayStation 5’s are so hard to find. From the very beginning of the PlayStation 5’s life cycle, things have been far from perfect. If you recall, the initial reveal event was postponed several times in early 2020, as Sony continued to miss its scheduled dates. This was most likely due to the mounting pressure on manufacturers during the pandemic, as electronics sharply rose in demand.

As manufacturers switched gears towards laptops and webcams, entertainment systems were left in the dust. This led to a general shortage in computer chips, which has affected everything from video games and mobile phones to the automotive industry. This problem will continue to persist throughout 2022, meaning that unless you want to deal with inflated prices from second-party sellers or battle the retail masses, you might not be able to get a PlayStation 5 until next year.

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How to Get a PlayStation 5

However, there is one somewhat surefire way to get a PlayStation 5, but it will also require a bit of waiting and luck. In an effort to curb the scalping online and ensure that fans get the consoles rather than scammers, Sony has started a registration process to help you get your hands on a PlayStation 5. On their website, you can register for an opportunity to buy a PlayStation 5 direct from Sony, albeit with some caveats.

After you’ve filled out the form and registered, you are entered for a chance to be alerted via email as new PlayStation 5 stock arrives. However, this doesn’t guarantee you a console or save you a space in line, as you’ll still have to be sitting at your computer and ready to buy when the stock goes live. Although this process can be a bit annoying, it’s way better than battling re-sellers online. If you want to buy a PlayStation 5 in retail stores, you’ll either have to get very lucky or hold out until sometime in 2023 when Sony is able to increase stock. We hope that these issues get solved sooner versus later though, as we can’t wait to play some of the PlayStation 5 exclusive games!


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