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15 June, 2024
Games Done Quick

AGDQ 2024 Starts This Week – Here’s How to Watch

Awesome Games Done Quick 2024 (or AGDQ 2024, for short), kicks off in less than a week and we are ultra-hyped for dozens of hours of gaming godliness. Held twice a year, the Games Done Quick speedrun marathons are always a highlight of the year, bringing together talented gamers all for a great cause, resulting in some stellar gameplay, all streamed live on Twitch. If you’re interested in checking out AGDQ 2024 and seeing what the hype is all about, we’ve got everything you need to know!

What is Awesome Games Done Quick 2024?

Games Done Quick is a gaming event that has been running marathon events for over 10 years, and to date, has raised over $45 million in funds for some of the biggest names in charity. Awesome Games Done Quick is their landmark event, and it always kicks off the year with a generous double-whammy of fundraising and fast gaming. For seven days straight, some of the best speedrunners from around the globe meet up and perform superhuman gaming feats, all livestreamed online for your pleasure and done so in an effort to raise cash for a good cause.

AGDQ 2024 starts on January 14 at approximately 12 PM (EST) and will continue until January 21, likely wrapping up in the early morning hours. To clarify, this is a nonstop marathon of video game speedruns, with gamers completing their favorite titles in record-breaking times, 24 hours a day for a solid week, and all readily available for your enjoyment. Thanks to the surplus of time and talent, a huge variety of speedruns will be showcased, ranging from retro classics to shiny new blockbusters.

This year, AGDQ 2024 will benefit the Prevent Cancer Foundation, with proceeds going toward priceless preventive cancer research. AGDQ 2023 raised over $2.6 million for the charity and we’re confident they’ll smash through that stat this year, hopefully hitting the $3 million mark! If you’d like to donate, you can either do so once AGDQ 2024 starts (and hopefully win some prizes), or simply make your contribution directly at the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s donation page.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2024
Awesome Games Done Quick

How to Watch AGDQ 2024

If you want to indulge in the marathon madness, AGDQ 2024 can be easily viewed on the official GamesDoneQuick Twitch channel. You can also watch the stream live from their homepage, where bonus content and stat tracking is also available. However, AGDQ does not stream directly to YouTube or any other streaming services, so you are limited to these two options.

However, don’t worry about catching every single speedrun and ruining your sleep schedule, as replays of the entire marathon are routinely uploaded to the GamesDoneQuick YouTube channel. For example, here’s a Super Mario Odyssey speedrun from AGDQ 2019 that features some incredible gaming tech, and that’s just one of the hundreds of speedruns available on the channel. Although it might take a while, every AGDQ 2024 speedrun should be uploaded to YouTube in due time, so don’t worry about missing a single moment.

Awesome Games Done Quick

What Speedruns to Watch

Like with most things, your enjoyment of a given speedrun will vary depending on various factors, but generally speaking, if you enjoy a specific game, you’ll likely be interested in a speedrun of it. That said, it’s important to recognize the different categories of speedruns that will be presented at AGDQ 2024. While some speedruns feature no glitches or game-breaking techniques, many speedruns allow the use of hefty glitches to reach the ending as quickly as possible. Some categories require 100% completion, while others are straight-up races between two players to the end, so it’s always smart to check the category of a speedrun before watching so you know what to expect.

AGDQ 2024 is set to start with a 30-minute-long speedrun of the beautiful adventure game TUNIC, which we highly recommend. Other classics can be seen throughout the beginning of the week, including Donkey Kong Country, Mega Man 3, The Legend of Zelda, and more. We’re particularly excited to see the madness of Ultimate DOOM on Ultra Violent speed difficulty, which is scheduled for roughly 9 PM on Sunday night.

The second half of the week is when the prime-time limelight really starts to shine and some of the best speedruns of the bunch crop up. We’re particularly excited for the Super Mario Bros. Wonder speedrun starting around 4:40 PM on Friday, as well as the fan-favorite Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom run scheduled for 6:30 PM on Saturday night. Ultimately, AGDQ 2024 will conclude with a comfy speedrun of the classic JRPG Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster, bringing the festivities to an end. Regardless of what you choose to watch, Games Done Quick marathons are always a pleasure and function well as a positive start to the year, so AGDQ 2024 is poised to be yet another great event. Be ready for speedy games and heartwarming generosity as AGDQ 2024 runs all week from January 14 to 21!


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