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17 April, 2024
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A Summer of Gaming Without E3 2022

If anything, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka E3) has been an ever-transforming but constant source of gaming industry news in the early summer. For decades, E3 has been a bastion of new game announcements, exciting reveals from major companies, and hype for gamers around the world. After the past few E3 events failed to live up to expectations, many fans were hoping for a resurgence this year. 

Now, with E3 2022 officially canceled, gamers are faced with a seemingly barren summer, as the celebratory vibe that accompanies the event continues to dwindle. Luckily, even without a proper E3 2022 schedule, there’s still some excitement in the coming months. It might be a bummer, but a summer of gaming without E3 2022 might not be all that bad.

"Luckily, even with no E3 2022 schedule to speak of, there are plenty of summer gaming showcases to fill your early-June hunger for news."

A Summer of Gaming Without E3 2022

Let’s be honest for a second, we’re far from the golden era of E3. There hasn’t been a proper on-site conference since E3 2019, but even that was removed from the glory days of decades prior. Since the pandemic, E3 has struggled to adapt, with E3 2020 being appropriately canceled and E3 2021 being an awkward online affair.

In the past five years, more and more companies have removed themselves from the conference, choosing to host their own events around the same time. For example, Sony hasn’t had a presence at E3 since 2018, while Nintendo has opted to stream their signature Nintendo Direct showcases instead of traditional conference keynotes. Meanwhile, Microsoft continues to host its own showcase event, separated from E3 but presented around the same time.

Despite the waning quality of recent E3 conferences, it still remains a big deal in the hearts of many gamers, standing as a sort of unofficial holiday weekend to celebrate the hobby. The internet is often abuzz with rumors and hype, as players get ready to learn about the latest consoles and upcoming releases. Even though E3 2022 is canned, the Entertainment Software Association event organizers promise to have a “revitalized physical and online E3 experience next summer”, presenting a showcase that will “bring the community, media, and industry back together”.

Summer game fest
XBOX Bethesda showcase
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2022 Summer Gaming Showcases to Watch

Luckily, even with no E3 2022 schedule to speak of, there are plenty of summer gaming showcases to fill your early-June hunger for news. To get you on the fast track to a variety of fun shows to watch, we’ll quickly break down the most notable gaming showcases in the coming weeks. All listed shows will be available on both YouTube and Twitch, streamed live from their respective channels.

Summer Games Fest

The beloved organizer of The Video Game Awards, Geoff Keighley, will be unofficially kicking off the start of 2022 summer gaming showcases with another one of his fantastic streams. Tune in to the Summer Games Fest 2022 showcase on Thursday, June 9 at 2 PM EDT for a variety of announcements from major publishers like Capcom, Square Enix, EA, and more. Viewers can expect world premieres, trailers on highly anticipated games, and sneak peeks at future projects.

Guerilla Collective 3

If you’re a fan of quirky indie games that often slip under the radar, be sure to check out the Guerilla Collective 3 show on Saturday, June 10 at 11 AM EDT. This colorful and laid-back stream will offer a few exclusive game reveals, which should provide a nice boost for the middle of the weekend.

Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase

One of the biggest shows of the season will undoubtedly be the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, which will be streaming live on Sunday, June 12 at 1 PM EDT. Microsoft has consistently offered the best and most exciting E3-style press conferences in recent years, with a huge variety of games and plenty of shocking surprises. As Xbox Game Pass continues to be a dominating force in the industry, it’s also safe to expect some news on that front.

PC Gaming Show

PC gaming enthusiasts will also want to make time for the PC Gaming Show on Sunday, June 12 at 3 PM EDT, which will appropriately focus on PC-specific software and accessories. With the popularity of the Steam Deck rising and indie games filling the gaps between major releases, there are plenty of reasons to turn your attention to the event. Expect developer interviews, extended gameplay footage of upcoming titles, and a few surprises along the way.

Nintendo Direct Summer 2022 and PlayStation Showcase 2022

Currently, neither Sony nor Nintendo have made official announcements regarding summer gaming showcases, but it’s safe to assume they will occur. It’s highly likely we’ll see a Nintendo Direct sometime during June or July, while Sony’s PlayStation Showcase will probably crop up later in the year. Either way, there are tons of exciting showcases to watch this summer and a slew of fantastic games to play, so things should be just fine without E3.


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